And for gods sake, respect the sanctity of peoples relationships!

And for gods sake, respect the sanctity of peoples relationships!

The key to success on AFF is to realize that meeting people is no different than in person. You need to treat people with class, humility, and humanity and keep it low pressure. Just because you are on the internet doesn’t give you the right to constantly harp on sex, use lewd and obnoxious sexual references in all your emails, or pressure women about sex. Treat it as if you were meeting a new friend. You should be open minded and interested in learning about your new acquaintances as people. If you try to get between a man and his wife, tell her you are better than her husband, or appear that you might fall in love with her if you fuck her, you will be deleted without a second thought and possibly blackballed among that couples friends as well.

I think AFF has cracked down on that pretty hard, but the simple reality of human sexuality necessitates that they inflate the number of women on the site in order to get guys to join

Remember, you both are there for sex so you needn’t worry about that, it will happen if a mental connection is there (And for many people the sex will be more frequent and kinky than they have previously experienced). That’s the beauty of AFF, unlike meeting at a bar you can forget about whether or not you are going to get lucky. You can be assured that if you can forge a mental connection you will get laid, it’s one less thing to worry about.

Above all, be honest about yourself and your dating situation (cheating men are sometimes tolerated, but lying cheats are NEVER given the time of day), be open and friendly, and don’t expect that women on AFF are any different from women in real life. They are still people with feelings, desires and aspirations. not wanton sex machines without a normal life (Some are wanton sex machines, but that is another story. The wildest ones are still people). If you can control your hormones enough to be a respectable person you will find someone who wants to have sex with you. I’m fit and reasonably attractive, but looks are not the biggest thing, your personality is, so let it shine.

Also, yes AFF does either condone or ignore profiles of fake women. It’s despicable, but it’s also a business reality. I think mostly they are there simply to inflate the male:female ratio. In the past year I have not received any spam or phishing emails from fake profiles although I did in the past. It’s rooted in biology, there’s no need to get angry over it. Women just simply don’t seek out NSA sex as frequently as guys do.

If you want to ignore these fake profiles the key is in the “Friends” and “Testimonials” sections of the profiles. If someone has a ridiculously hot picture (especially if the lighting is too good for a home snapshot), and that person has very few or no friends who are scattered all over the country, they are most likely fake. Also, if the profile says they haven’t logged in for a month or so you probably aren’t going to have any luck even on the off chance that they are real. The surest sign that a person is real is that they have testimonials from other members that honestly thank them for meeting up or state that they had a good time with that person. This goes for you too. It pays to meet people and make friends, even if you don’t have sex, and then trade testimonials with them. This tells other members you are real and worth contacting.

AUTHOR: Mark evans – (U.S.A.)

After doing this the first time I met and had sex with three couples and 5 single women in 6 months. After joining again, even in a MUCH smaller city, I have met nearly the same number of sex buddies. Both times I met both couples and single women who became fast friends in and out of bed.

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